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i went to a car lot in Acworth, Ga.I purchased a car form them financed a car through them and a month later this company bought my contract from them. One without my permission, two they never sent me any paperwork. The late fees are a joke and they keep adding them on for crazy reasons. Total car ended up being 9000.00. I lost my job five months ago owing them less than 1000.00 never once did they offer to lower my payments nor have they been...
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Anonymous You must be dumb as ***,a company is a company ,business is business please learn that ,before you sign a contract have the courtesy to read it first ..also do your research a...

I didn't like
  • Customer service
I could not understand how on a 4 year loan which is 3 years done, I still owe another 2 years!They send me a bill with one amount, I call and ask the payoff amount and its a few hundred more than the bill and that is after I made a payment!!! What the F**k. This company is ripping people off. I see why they take over dealer accounts. They get the better bargain. Needs to be reported to the BBB. This is ridiculous.I wish I would have seen this...
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