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This is the most uneducated,unethical, place i have ever seen.They are nasty they dont know how to carry on a conversation without being ghetto.I know that there is a owner to that finanace company that is not being notified about all of these problems that people are having with that pay late charges they dont apply them to your account you call to speak with the manager about the problem she act as if its not her problem she gets loud on the phone she is the most rudest person i have ever seen if they would get a better staff in get ride of that manger and mr williams i think the place could have a chance owner if you are out there please speak with your staff you will lose a lot of cutomers in future because at some point someone will here us and do something about those people.Rip off company please stay away away far away from this company.They repeatly harasse my wife and i because we were seven days late.

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Report them to the CFPB and Ftc and also get you a lawyer. Sue them you have rights and I believe they think they can just do that.

File a suit against them I did and won. They had to pay me


They are dumb as *** and do not know the law I work for connections I have a lawsuit coming and Erica do not know it


I had my auto loan transferred to United Acceptance in August 2010. Prior to that my loan changed hands between 8 different lenders.

Why IDK. I received a call the first day I received a call from a CSR asking how my car was running and if the dealership was honoring the warranty I had with them. I can only speak for myself and say the experience I had with United Acceptance was positive. I was always on time with my payments (most times paying extra) and when I paid my car off they provided me with a clear title within 5 days.

I never once had one bad experiencing calling in payments or asking questions about my account.

I will agree with the one author that stated that the next car purchase will be paying with cash so I dont have to deal with another auto lender again. :p


If people would take responsibility for themselves and stop blaming others for their lack of responsibility . I work for CarHop and have watched some of our customers pay their bills on time and never get harassed and got their credit moving in thee right direction so they could buy new cars and even houses .

So quit crying and pay your payments on time and GROW UP !!! If you want to continue being a drain on society then do so just stop crying about how unfair life is and man up .


Blah Blah Blah,, you ppl dont give a rats a&& about your customers.. so *** my blah blah... AND BLAH!!

Gaisbach, Bayern, Germany #222784

:x :( :cry :? :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :) :grin ;) 8) :p


To be honest, I am still working on my loan with them because my in laws are helping me pay it off. I gave the deal an almost brand new only 70,000 miles on it Dodge Ram 1500 Offroad truck and traded it down to a Nissan Xterra because of gas mileage. After 2 payments I found out my account had been handed over to United Acceptance. The first person I had spoken with seemed intelligent and wanted to make sure that the vehicle was running properly and that te dealership did not screw me. Come time to make a payment, now even when I dial the extention, I get everyone else in the building and they literally *** and try to basically bully you. Between my temper and my fiance's, they don't stand a chance and btw if you put a car in the garage, the tow man cannot pick it up. I was not even in default or anything and they were threatening to repo my vehicle. WTF are you thinking. So you got to play hard ball with these a-s-s-h-o-l-es and figure out a way to out smart a bunch of dumb gangsta wannabes.

My advice to anyone... keep your vehicle garage kept when going through United Acceptance. Then the F-U-C-K-E-R-S can not get near it.

They are ignorant and unfortunately, to deal with them you have to stoop to their level and f-u-c-k them back.

Good Luck.


please dont ever buy from a pay here buy here company they will get you mess up your credit and life, it is better to go to a dealer and thats what i should of did i will not be paying for repo fees increasing my debt. it you can buy a car and pay cash for it, that what i have learn, united acceptance is not listed in better business bureau, i think it is time to list them.


united acceptance is a rip off,in dealing with bad busines ethics and unprofessional csr, my car was recently sold told them not aware the dealer at buy here pay here sold my loan before contacting me,later united acceptance tried to back date my loan to make me pay for extra car pmts, they didnt honor my dealer contract, they altered my contact, they increase my monthly payment wach month, they charged me for an extra pmt when some months had five weeks, when that was not the deal me and the dealer made, i was once a good payer with the dealer when i got with them my loan was always in default they keep changing my payment amt and not crediting to my loan balance,they harrass me constantly, then finally they decided to sell my loan back to the dealer without notifing me in writing about a decision that was made, i had not knowledge of what this company did until the tow truck came to repo my car, left me without a ride home, called the dealer he told me he rec'd my loan from united acceptance stating all the fees they added to my loan

this company is bad news don't ever deal with them. i will keep spreading the word to other consumer and post to the site to warn and soon or later they will go out of business.

what goes around comes around. when you do bad to others bad things will come back to United acceptannce.


Even when you pay your bills on time they call and harass you. So don't sit there and try to act as if you are better then anyone.

Not to mention the fact I guarantee YOU have paid bills late before. It's beginning to happen to everyone due to the economy. Not to mention the b.s. you deal with when the customer service people call you or you call them.

They are not professional, they ask about your bills and why you have not made a payment, and tell you even if it is only a couple days late, which it is, that you need to make a payment immediately or you are facing repossession. Not to mention the fact that they call around to your ENTIRE family to find out why you haven't made your payment yet. Sorry but after this vehicle is paid off I will personally never deal with them again. And to the AL, obviously their are a lot of people that have problems with them.

So you think about it. There is an old saying... not everyone can be wrong... you either work for them or your are ignorant to the way they conduct business.

Either way, you don't like the truth about the company, then mind your own business. :eek


@SSMith, here I'll make a complaint, and I will personally sign my name to it that way you can address it, which I am sure you will not. Your staff repeatedly harasses its' customers despite your "fake sympathy" regarding anyone's financial situation even if they are only one payment behind.

The CSR will dodge around a significant question regarding your account if it has anything to do with the possibility of repossession if one outstanding payment is due (and I mean only ONE), whilst sporting major attitudes. Notes validated on the account are never processed apparently, due to authorizations and those who are allowed to speak on behalf of the account, even if they have spoken to United Acceptance several times. Your staff does not care about one person's individual situation, nor would they even if us customers were living in a cardboard box eating garbage; as long as a payment was received would we receive the moral-less support and kindness from your Customer Service Representatives. I love the attitudes all the CSR seem to have; rudeness underlined with shortness involving your account and a brief, "Thanks for Calling United Acceptance, can we post-date a payment for next month?" How lovely, after you've already drained your bank account to make the one payment to keep your vehicle from being repossessed.

You can repeat this information to your superior if you like, I really do not care. Truth be told, my husband and I recently lost our home and had to relocate with family, and are both currently unemployed courtesy of the economic mess our country is in, and these CSR from ***, had the audacity after bluntly asking me why I was not making payments every solitary month, but every other month to keep the account out of default mode. I of course, repeated the information regarding our situation above, and he once more, rudely asked when United Acceptance would receive another payment. I never have been treated so rudely in my life.

Sad, my husband and I met at a young age, and were married by 18; I'm currently only nineteen years of age and him twenty-three, and I have a better sense of morals and ethics then these Customer Service Representatives whom have five plus years experience in this field lack common etiquette.

My message to the General Public regarding this business, would be to STAY AWAY for the sake of your vehicle, human dignity, and personal information that will somehow be violated or tampered with. Good Luck to all, and my sincerest sympathy to all whom deal with this horrible Company.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #151147

I agree the people in the office are very rude and when you make a complaint they don't care. All they want is the money when they want it and don't care if you are having financial difficulty. I have children and they expect me to take away from trying to take care of them.


I was called at work, I advised the CSR that I'd call back, she was polite and said "OK". After my shift was over, I called back and got a man (didnt get his name) I asked why the previous CSR called.

He was rude and acted as if I owed him personally and had been dodging them. I explained to him that I called back voluntarily and was not trying to duck my responsiblities. He said they best was to prove it is to "get my debit card out then". So of course I hung up.

I called later and made the payment and a complaint, of course they don't care about complaints as long as they get the payment. I've talked to them 5 times and 3 of those times were horrible.

Now I have a certain rep that I ONLY talk to. She is great and if she's not in , I advise the CSR I'll try back later for HER


They probably wouldn't mind losing a customer who pays their bills late, so ya better think of another way to threaten them. :cry

Elsloo, Limburg, Netherlands #125131

An anonymous report like this puts United Acceptance, Inc. at a disadvantage since we do not know who this customer is.

This makes it impossible for us to respond to their specific allegations.

UAI takes great pride in our customer service so we hope this customer will call us and identify themselves so we can try to address their concerns. Please call us at 1-888-951-9762 ext 1809.

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