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They call me every hour left 2 messages on my phone sent 2 emails to me the rep called me a liar and Saturday we will be presenting my car within an hour and my payment and it was 30 days late and they want to play games and act like the next rep is a supervisor when they're not we can hear him on the phone saying please act like a supervisor and take this call they are very rude and unprofessional Read more

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Their website leaves a lot to be desired. It states that you can click and leave comments because "your voice matters" but when you click, it just tells you the payment offers. I see comments (good) on there which leads me to believe that they are bogus. In this day and age, they are charging a fee of $7 to make an online payment, it will only let you make the amount that it states, can't adjust that up or down, won't let you see your current... Read more

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just two weeks ago...i was behind $245...due to me being out of work for summer break, just called to make a payment, i make payments every two weeks or pay the full amount the beginning of the im behind$1400...uunited acceptance should be shut down, & burned to the ground, this is ridiculous!

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I made a one time first payment for my daughters car on a Tuesday and the next day had an extra 334.50 taken out of my account without my knowledge. They have no record of the transaction, and refuse to give me my money back even though there name is on the transaction!! Then while talking to a rep I find out they kept my card # on file w/o my permission. So someone in this company stole money out of my account by using my card # on file. And... Read more

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We are an auto dealer that had the unfortunate experience of trying to pay off a auto loan on behalf of our customer that traded in their vehicle to us. After sufficient time for our check to clear we called to see if the check was received and if they had mailed us the title. We were informed that they hold the title for 21 business days after the check is deposited. Now 21 business days is 4 weeks and 2 days. When questioning this with one of... Read more

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For all consumers experiencing deceptive and illegal collection and credit reporting practices by United Acceptance, Smyrna Georgia, I encourage you to contact a Consumer Defense Attorney, who may be able to direct you and provide measures of recourse against this company. Due to pursuits against involved entities for potentially providing fradulent VIN info, and the unfolding details that United Acceptance may have presented false details... Read more

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They don't care about the people the operators always are mad and with bad aptitude I'll keep paying and my balance don't go down always is something and if I want to pay some payments on advance they said the sistem don't let them doit so you can keep paying hig interest

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last year i had $1000 in late charges and today i have $24, ive only been making my regular payment, this company has took my regular payment and paid off the late charges my car should be paid off but no they have took my car payments and paid the late charges, this is wrong how can you take someones payment and apply them where you feel they should go . im angry and nothing is being done ive asked for my payment history and it hasnt been... Read more

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I work for a Buy Here Pay Here dealer in Texas. We have sold notes to UAI several times. I have always had the worst experiences in working with them. They are rude, ignorant, can never accept responsibility for their mistakes and are horrible to our customers. I feel so bad for those customers' whose accounts we sell to UAI. A word of advice if you are a current customer from a Buy Here Pay Here lot and you receive a call from United... Read more

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They bought my loan from a pay here car lot and I dont care for them at all they were mad because I wont write my account number on the outside of envelope for all to see and now im ahead on my payments but called to tell me if im late it will be bad on my credite excuse me im AHEAD

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